Central Lake Ontario
Fisheries Management Plan (2013 Update)

The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Ontario Ministry or Natural Resources, has recently updated the 2007 Central Lake Ontario Fisheries Management Plan (FMP), encompassing the watersheds of Lynde Creek, Oshawa Creek, Black/Harmony/Farewell Creeks and Bowmanville/Soper Creeks. 

The goal of the Central Lake Ontario Fisheries Management Plan is to provide direction for the management of the aquatic ecosystem in the Central Lake Ontario watersheds to ensure the protection and wise use of the fisheries resources in the future. It provides information on the current status of fish, fish habitat and land use in the watershed and smaller subwatershed fisheries management units.  Further, the FMP provides management direction on: climate change, physiography and land use, fish habitat (stream order and slope, riparian habitat, in-stream barriers, water quality and quantity and stream temperature), fisheries (biodiversity, species at risk and invasive species), and resource use (angling and harvest).  It is anticipated that this information will be used by the public, municipalities, the private sector and government agencies to help guide future management of the aquatic resources in local watersheds.

Download Central Lake Ontario Fisheries Management Plan 2007 (Updated 2013) PDF - 182mb

If you require any additional information please contact Ian Kelsey , Aquatic Biologist at the Central Lake Ontario Conservation office 905-579-0411 ext. 143, or email ikelsey@cloca.com.

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