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~ Amendments to the Fisheries Act (pdf)
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The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority has been actively involved in municipal planning matters since the early 1970's. It has been the objective of the Authority's Plan Review Program to further the Authority's mandate of natural resource conservation and management, by providing comments on natural resource/heritage and natural hazard issues, as they relate to planning and development applications.

The jurisdictional boundaries of the Authority, encompasses all of the City of Oshawa and Town of Whitby as well as portions of the Towns of Ajax and Uxbridge, City of Pickering, Township of Scugog and the Municipality of Clarington and is entirely within the Regional Municipality of Durham. The Authority provides plan review comments to both the local and regional municipalities as well as coordinates any other necessary development review/approvals, under its own regulation and/or the Canada Fisheries Act.

Input and advice is also provided in terms of Provincial programs and initiatives such as provincially significant wetlands (PSW's), areas of natural and scientific interests (ANSIs) and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP).

Development Review

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Areas of Interest

Some of the Authority's Areas of Interest in the review of planning applications are:

  • Stormwater Management ~ water quantity and quality requirements for receiving watercourses
  • Groundwater ~ protection of the existing quantity and quality of these resources
  • Natural Hazards ~ erosion and slope instabilities associated with watercourses and valley lands as well as regulatory flood plains
  • Natural Heritage and Environmentally Sensitive Areas ~ protection/conservation of existing physical and biological components of the landscape in order to maintain/enhance our existing natural heritage system

Policy and Procedural Document for Regulation and Plan Review - February 2014
110 pgs. (PDF - 1.2 MB)  


The Authority has implemented a fee schedule for the review service provided in reviewing planning applications. A processing fee is generally collected at the time of application, by the municipality. Additional technical review fees if required are invoiced directly to the proponent of the application.

For further details view:
CLOCA Fees Implementation Guideline

2018 Fee Schedule for Plan Review Services


Hydrogeological Assessment Submissions - Conservation Authority Guidelines to Support Development Applications - June 2013 - 39 pgs. (PDF - 1.25 MB)  

The “Hydrogeological Assessment Submissions: Conservation Authority Guidelines for Development Applications” document was co-authored by staff at CLOCA, LSRCA and NVCA, peer reviewed by a Conservation Authorities Geoscience group and endorsed by Conservation Ontario Council on June 24th, 2013.

The main purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance material to CAs related to hydrogeological assessment requirements that can be used to ensure comprehensive evaluations of potential impacts associated with development proposals on natural ecological features and functions that are supported by groundwater resources. The intent is that it be used as a resource to promote consistency amongst C.A.s in the development of terms of reference as well as for the C.A review of the resulting technical studies. The document may also be used as a resource to assist the consulting community in the understanding of the C.A. perspective regarding potential watershed impacts and serve to increase efficiencies and reduce approval timelines.

This guidance document provides a checklist of recommended requirements for hydrogeological investigations outlining recommended study requirements depending on the type of development proposed. The document also provides a short description of report expectations, report components, as well as some of the resources available.

It should be noted that this is a guideline document aimed at consistency amongst Conservation Authorities engaged in development review and is not a legally binding instrument. Additionally, a municipality and their Conservation Authority may choose to change the scope of the analyses required within their jurisdiction.

CLOCA’s Board of Directors approved the document for the purpose of undertaking a broader consultation process with local area municipalities and other stakeholders (SR 5156-13, Resolution #100 June, 2013).  CLOCA staff are currently consulting with its municipal planning departments and the broader stakeholder community. Should you have comments or questions on the guideline, you are invited to submit them to CLOCA. Chris Jones (Director of Planning & Regulation, 905-579-0411 x116 cjones@cloca.com)

For further information regarding the Authority’s plan review process, please contact:

North Oshawa
(Conlin Rd.)
Chris Jones
(905) 579-0411, ext. 116
Email: cjones@cloca.com

Southwest Oshawa

(Simcoe St. & Conlin Rd.)
Ted Aikins
(905) 579-0411, ext. 121
Email: taikins@cloca.com

Southeast Oshawa

(Simcoe St. & Conlin Rd.)
Stefanie Penney
(905) 579-0411, ext. 145
Email: spenney@cloca.com

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