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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I conserve water?

A. Water conservation can be applied both in your home or outside in the yard. Water saving toilets, showerheads and efficient dishwashers and washing machines can make a huge difference in household water consumption and therefore save you money. Appropriate landscaping, including using native plants, can decrease or even eliminate watering the garden. By disconnecting the downspout from directly entering the stormsewers and adding rain barrels instead, you can have a ready supply of water for your vegetable garden.

Q. Beavers are cutting trees and flooding my property, what should I do?

A. Although the Ministry of Natural Resources regulates the management of wildlife in Ontario, CLOCA staff are available to discuss options available to you. View more information on beavers.

Q. Where can my family go fishing?

A. Fishing opportunities that are promoted by CLOCA are available in some of our Conservation Areas.

Q. Why does it matter if my dog is on a leash when we go for a walk?

A. Dogs that are allowed to roam freely and are not controlled with a leash can disturb and even displace wildlife at critical and vulnerable times of the year, destroy vegetation and increase erosion. View more information on Pets.

Q. What’s wrong with allowing my cat to go outside?

A. Cats are responsible for killing millions of birds and small mammals each year and this can be prevented by keeping your feline friend indoors. View more information on Pets.

Q. Who will take my unwanted aquarium pet?

A. If you do find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for an aquarium pet there is an organization called the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs that can help you find a new home for your pet.


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