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Homeowner Resources - Living Next to a Natural Area

Natural areas are not as common in our landscape as they once were. It is important that we do all we can to protect those that remain. If you live next to a natural area you are encouraged to adopt the following guidelines, and to educate and encourage your neighbours throughout the community to do the same:

  • Enjoy the recreational opportunities in your community responsibly. Stay on recreational trails and enter natural areas at designated entrances only.
  • Do not encroach into natural areas.
  • Leave wild plants for all to enjoy.

Living Next to a Natural Area
Hedge Bindweed Photo: CLOCA

  • Do not introduce invasive plant or animal species into the open space areas.
  • Exercise responsible pet ownership and keep them under your control at all times.
  • Reduce your use of fertilizer and pesticides. When you must use fertilizers and pesticides, follow label instructions and use the minimum amounts needed to do the job.
  • Low maintenance native plant landscaping, mulching mowers and recycling compost in your garden can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Do not dump yard waste into natural areas
  • Consider naturalizing portions of your yard to selectively encourage appropriate wildlife to share your outdoor living areas. Birds and bats are two groups of wildlife that can be safely encouraged to share your yard.
  • Get involved in community groups and take advantage of opportunities to learn about the natural environment in your area.
  • We suggest that your landscaping plans include native plants (trees, shrubs, wildflowers and groundcover) indigenous to southern Ontario. Native plants resist local pests and do well in local soil and climate conditions. They provide familiar habitat for local birds and animals and contribute to the natural ecosystem.
Additional Resource

Durham Environmental Advisory Committee - Natural Areas as Neighbours (PDF - 459 K)


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