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Monitoring - Introduction

How healthy is our watershed? The new Central Lake Ontario Conservation Integrated Watershed Monitoring Program (IWMP) Storymap is designed to help us communicate that information to our watershed community.  

As a Conservation Authority, one of our responsibilities is to evaluate watershed health through long term monitoring programs.  These programs involve collecting data on specific indicators for 3 ecosystems: forests, wetlands and streams.  This helps us understand current conditions and changes over time and where we need to make improvements or provide further protection.  Within these 3 ecosystems there are 16 indicators monitored by our field staff each year.  An example of an indicator for the forest ecosystem is breeding birds while an indicator for the stream ecosystem is water quality.  The Storymap below will allow you to explore the data collected in 2017 for each indicator, and review our summary, maps and monitoring information for each of the three ecosystems.  Our intention is to build the Storymap with data collected each year going forward for all the indicators.  Once we have 5 to 10 years of data collected, the Storymap will help all of us better understand watershed health so we can work together for positive change. 

Click here to reach our Storymap for the Central Lake Ontario Conservation watershed and begin your adventure. 



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