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Wetlands - Introduction

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources defines a wetland as; “Lands that are seasonally or permanently flooded by shallow water as well as lands where the water table is close to the surface; in either case, the presence of abundant water has caused the formation of hydric soils and has favoured the dominance of either hydrophytic or water tolerant plants.?

There are four types of wetlands commonly recognized; Fens, Bogs, Swamps and Marshes. Marshes and Swamps occur most frequently in southern Ontario and have the highest representation within the CLOCA jurisdiction.

Lynde Creek Marsh, 2004
Photo: Canadian Wildlife Service

Wetlands are important features within the landscape for many reasons. Wetlands help to regulate waterflow, thereby reducing the effect of flooding downstream. Wetlands act as a ‘natural filter?of the water by removing toxins and all other impurities, improving overall water quality. Wetlands also provide habitat for otherwise uncommon flora and fauna.

The overall wetland cover for the CLOCA jurisdiction is approximately 10%.


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