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Provides education and information about conservation and the environment by providing hands on learning opportunities.

Flood Forecasting & Warning
Provides a flood warning program and emergency procedures. Provides continuous water level monitoring or watercourses, computerized flood forecasting and monitoring of snow condition and potential runoff problems within the watershed.

Land & Water Conservation
Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority undertakes a range of programs aimed at improving land and water conservation within its watersheds. These programs include the management of its own lands, the inventory, evaluation and management of watershed resources and the monitoring of components of the natural environment to determine trends of watershed health.

Development Review & Regulation/Permits
Provides land use planning input and review and provides administration of Conservation Authority's Fill, Construction, Alteration to Watercourse Regulations.

Undertakes programs to promote natural heritage stewardship throughout the watershed. Provides technical advisory services to assist landowners and groups undertaking habitat restoration or enhancement projects.

Volunteer Program
Participate in fund raising events, natural resource inventories, tour guides, organize stream/areas clean-ups, and much more.

Programs & Services
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