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Permits Under Ontario Regulation 42/06 Regulation of Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses

When Do I Need A Permit From The Conservation Authority?

How Do I Confirm If My Property Is Regulated?

How Do I Apply For A Permit?

Why Are Permits Important?

Works Around Water May Require Approvals From Other Regulatory Bodies

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When Do I Need A Permit From The Conservation Authority?

The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority would like to remind residents that before starting projects that include the placement of fill, construction or alteration to waterways, or an activity that may interfere with a wetland, please check with the Conservation Authority. Depending on the project and the location, a permit may need to be issued to the property owner from the Authority. The following examples of activities are regulated under Ontario Regulation 42/60:

  • Construct any building or structure or permit any building or structure to be constructed in or on a pond or swamp or in any area susceptible to flooding during a regional storm; (residences, buildings, additions, pools, culverts, bridges)

  • Place or dump fill of any kind or permit fill to be placed or dumped in the area described in the schedule, whether such fill is already located in or upon such area or brought to or on such area from some other place or places; (filling, grading) or

  • Straighten, change, divert, or interfere in any way with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream or watercourse (erosion control works, culverts, natural channel realignment, footings for bridges / creek crossings, any water works associated with the physical bed or bank(s) of a watercourse) or interfere in any way with a wetland.

Please refer to How Do I Apply For Permits? for questions pertaining to the Authority’s fee schedule.

Ontario Regulation 42/06 IS ACTIVELY ENFORCED.

Any site grading, the temporary or permanent removal of material, and / or the placement of material originating on - site or elsewhere (within a regulated area); construction / renovation of a building or structure within the Regulatory flood plain; or the alteration of a watercourse without the requisite permits from the Authority may result in a fine and prosecution under the Conservation Authorities Act. Every person who is found guilty of an offence under Ontario Regulation 42/06 is liable to a fine of not more than $10,000, or to a term of imprisonment of not more than three months.

How Do I Confirm If My Property Is Regulated?

The Authority advises that you contact Development Review and Regulations staff directly to confirm as to whether or not permits are required. Please note that the Authority regulates filling activities in fill regulated areas, construction of buildings or structures within the Regulatory flood plain and alterations to watercourses.

Should you wish to obtain written confirmation from Authority staff as to whether or not your property is subject to Ontario Regulation 42/06 (ie. situated within a fill regulated area, whether or not there is flood plain on the subject lands, delineation of environmentally sensitive lands, outstanding breaches of our Regulation etc.) Authority staff also provides a Property / Solicitor Inquiry Service for a fee of $320 (tax inc.). In requesting this service, please provide the following information;

  • Survey of property (location map if survey cannot be obtained)
  • Municipal address (and legal description if known)
  • Municipal Lot and Concession
  • Other helpful information (ie. landmarks, “northeast corner of intersection” etc)
  • $320 fee (cheques made payable to CLOCA - HST inc.)
How Do I Apply For A Permit?


  1. Please carefully READ Information Sheet & Fees

  2. Complete and submit Inquiry Form with drawings. View Sample Drawings (Please Note: to save time you may wish to complete and submit the Application Form along with the Inquiry Form)

  3. Complete Application Form and submit with drawings. Permit Inquiries and Applications may be submitted by fax, mail or in person.

Why Are Permits Important?

By issuing permits the Conservation Authority is able to regulate various projects and advise applicants on the best way to complete their projects with no or minimal impact on the watershed.


If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact the Authority office at (905) 579-0411 or via email and a member of our regulations staff will be pleased to assist you.

Chris Jones
(905) 579-0411, ext. 116
Email: cjones@cloca.com
John Hetherington
(905) 579-0411, ext. 137
Email: jhetherington@cloca.com

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