Black/Harmony/Farewell Creek Watershed
Existing Conditions Report, Final

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Following a review and incorporating comments received on the draft existing conditions, the final Black/Harmony/Farewell Creek Existing Conditions Report was adopted by the Conservation Board of Directors at their April 2011 meeting.

The Existing Conditions Report is an 18-chapter compilation of watershed-related information that will be used in Phase 2 and Phase 3 watershed planning activities to develop specific strategies to maintain, improve, and restore the watershed's integrity.

Central Lake Ontario Conservaiton would like to express our appreciation to all watershed residents and our partners for your input into the develpment of the report.

If you require more information please contact:

Heather Brooks
Director, Watershed Planning and Natural Heritage
Central Lake Ontario Conservation
100 Whiting Avenue,
Oshawa, ON L1H 3T3

A section of the Harmony Creek Watershed.

Watershed Management Plan Background Information (PDF)

Ritson Subwatershed ~ North of Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa

Did You Know?
The Black/Harmony/Farewell Creek Watershed drains approximately 108 sq. km. of land into Lake Ontario.

Black/Harmony/Farewell Creek Watershed Existing Conditions Report - Final
April 2011

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required

Due to the large files, a CD with the Black/Harmony/Farewell Crek Watershed Existing Conditions Report is available upon request
from the Conservation Authority office (905) 579-0411.

Table of Contents
Introduction (500 kb) 10. Water Temperature (1.2mb)
1. Study Area (1.0 mb) 11. Surface Water Quality (1.2 mb)
2. Human Heritage (1.0 mb) 12. Stormwater Management (1.5 mb)
3. Green Spaces (1.0 mb) 13. Fluvial Geomorphology (1.7 mb)
4. Land Use and Policy (2.3 mb) 14. Hydrogeology (1.7 mb)
5. Impervious Services (1.3 mb) 15. Water Quality (1.8 mb)
6. Physical Geography (1.3 mb) 16. Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat (2.6 mb)
7. Air Quality (500 kb) 17. Terrestrial Natural Habitat (2.9 mb)
8. Climate Change (600 kb) 18. Wetlands (1.2 mb)
9. Water Budget (1.2 mb)

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